November 16, 2016

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Business Management Services

Business Management Services in UAE

Business Management Services in UAE

Complete Portfolio of business management to transform your Emerging Business to a Cash Cow.

Eufrasia is as a one-stop-solution provider offering business advisory services to aspiring global investors in the UAE. Our expertise in identifying the right investment avenues for our clients in the Middle East.  Providing them with the consultancy to make their commercial vision come true in accordance to the specified rules and regulations has earned us an unbeatable reputation in the industry.


 Business Management Challenges Faced by Corporates

We all know that it is easy to setup a business but difficult to manage it effectively. Corporates face multiple challenges while trying to setup a business in a foreign location, few of those challenges are:

  • Lack of proper hierarchy & reporting structure
  • Employees unhappy with the management
  • High attrition rate of the employees
  • Inability in proper planning and finance management
  • Under-utilization of the employees’ potential
  • Inability to measure performance and productivity of the employees
  • No time to strategize and expand the business
  • Inefficiency in validating financial viability of the business
  • Lack of risk analysis and credit analysis

How We Can Help You Overcome These Challenges

Eufrasia offers a comprehensive portfolio of business management and advisory services that can help you overcome your business management challenges. Our key business consultancy services include but not limited to;

  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Planning
  • Corporate Finance Services
  • Credit Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Business Valuation
  • Due Diligence

Our Business Management Services

Feasibility Study

We conduct Market and Financial Feasibility Study to analyse the feasibility of your business investment in the current market scenario. We study latest market trends, existing competition, client needs, new and upcoming products, and prices as a part of our market feasibility study.

Financial Feasibility Study includes making projections, creating profit & loss reports, understanding the financial scope of the proposed project, assessing total investment costs and projected income and expenses from it, among other things. Financial feasibility study helps in stabilizing the financial position of your business, and provides warning in case problems or issues arise in future.

Project Planning

Project planning is a part of project management, which makes use of Gantt charts to plan and subsequently report progress within the project environment. Additionally, it involves determining appropriate methods for completing the project on time. As a part of project planning, work breakdown structure is created to list the required number of tasks, and predict the approximate time required to complete those tasks. An activity network diagram is used to determine the logical dependencies between the tasks and identify the critical path; and the project management software is used to calculate the slack time / float time in the schedule.

Thereafter, all required resources can be estimated and costs for each activity can be allocated to each resource by giving the total project cost. At this stage, the project plan may be optimized to achieve the appropriate balance between resource usage and project duration to comply with the project objectives. The plan becomes the base line once agreed upon. Progress will be measured against the baseline throughout the life of the project. Analyzing progress compared to the baseline is known as earned value management.

Corporate Finance Services

Financial planning is extremely vital to keep the businesses functional and running and have required cash flow whenever needed. Methods of financing are numerous, and often complex, but almost every business needs it to survive. Finance may take various forms like overdraft, preferential credit or a loan. Whichever, the form be in order to keep the finances manageable, it is very important to have serious financial considerations and ensure that it fulfills the primary business need.

Eufrasia has the knowledge and resources to advise you and your business on the most appropriate method of finance as per your business needs. Our independent teams of financial advisers can help you identify accounting, legal, regulatory and tax issues, implement innovative finance products, and analyse collateral and involved risks, ensuring realistic return on investment for your finances.

Risk Analysis

Business involves different types of risks and some of these may be under your control while few may be not. Risk analysis is the most important step of crisis prevention with a key emphasis on cost-effectiveness. Risk analysis is examines the risks faced by clients and decide a suitable course of actions to minimize them. Understanding the threats based on a structured approach, and evaluating the probability of its occurrence using existing resources forms the crux of risk analysis.

Business Valuation

Business valuation estimates the economic value of an owner’s business interest and determines the price financial market participants are willing to pay or receive in case the business is setup for a sale. In addition to estimating the selling price of a business, business appraisers use these valuation tools to resolve gift taxation or real estate related disputes, allocate business assets and file divorce litigation. Additionally, these these tools also help settle various other business and legal purposes like developing a formula to estimate the partners’ ownership interest value for buy-sell agreements.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is legal obligation mandatory for companies planning to enter into an agreement or a transaction with another company. It has proved to be an effective method of preventing harm to either of the parties involved in the transaction and involves reviewing all financial records pertaining to the transactions.

Business Performance Management (BPM)

It is essential to review business performance in the real time and identify problems before they grow. BPM involves monitoring and managing an organization’s performance, according to its KPIs such as revenue, ROI and operational costs. It also aids in monitoring efficiency of projects and employees against operational targets. BPM also helps businesses make efficient use of their financial, human, material and other resources.

BPM involves consolidation of data from various sources, querying & analysis of data, and incorporating the results into practice which thereby enhancing processes by creating better feedback loops. BPM’s forecasting abilities perfectly answer the what-if scenarios using a high degree of predictability, allowing timely corrective actions. It is useful in risk analysis and predicting outcomes of M&A scenarios and coming up with a plan to overcome potential problems.