Business setup in UAE Freezone

“Business setup in UAE Freezone, are you thinking if you can setup business in UAE without share capital ?” the answer is YES! All your need to do so is a good business idea that can be turned into a productive, viable business.

The UAE is constantly adjusting its laws to attract more foreign investment to the country. No longer do you need a huge start-up capital to start your own business. This combined with the tax-free market makes the country a great place to start a business. Own your business 100%.


Business setup in UAE Freezone

Keep in mind that the only way for you to start your own business in the UAE without taking on a UAE national as your partner is to locate your business in one of the country’s many Free Zones.  Free Zones have a distinct legal structure and are considered offshore companies for legal purposes. Free Zone companies also offer incentives such as 100 percent foreign ownership, zero corporate taxation and quick administrative support from the Free Zone authorities (FZA).

In each free zone, a FZA is responsible for issuing free zone operating licences and assisting companies to establish their business. Once registering a business as a Free Zone Establishment or Free Zone Company, it will be considered a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that will be subject to the laws and regulations of the free zone in which it was established.

There are over 40 free zones across UAE and over 20 of them are in Dubai. If we consider Freezone in northern emirates  they are very much low-cost and offers better packages

In fact the free zones in the northern emirates provide various flexible options for setup looking to do trading, consulting or commercial business.

One must choose the Free zone considering the below facts;

  1. Market entry strategy for the company. : Chose the right strategy and when you do so back it up with you shot term and long term plan for the middle east market. It is not always wise to start up company you could also use various other strategy available for expansion followed by establishing your presence.
  2. Policies and procedures of various free zone:  Cost variance, documentation or longer setup time does not mean that the free zone is not efficient when compared to others. It just emphasises that the company setup procedures are backed by strong ISO procedural certification. While some free zone (Umm Al Quwain, Ajman etc) provide business license in a day which is impressive, but the risk is that there can be a probability that the visa can be rejected by immigration. Then what, every body puts their hands up your consultant and the free zone are not liable as the decision was yours. You loose the money with no option to wait and apply after 6 months or cancel the license after 1 year. That is why choosing is the right consultant is important, that is why we “Eufrasia Management Consultant” are here. You can always contact us for insights on every free zone in UAE. We will help you chose the right free zone that will suit your plans and budget.
  3. Free Trade Zones
    Establishing a business entity in one of the UAE’s Free Trade Zones (FTZs) can be an extremely attractive option for foreign investors. The major attributes of a free zone are:

    • 100 per cent foreign ownership of the enterprise
    • reduced or different trade barriers,tariffs and quotas
    • 100 per cent repatriation of capital and profits
    • Corporate tax exemptions for up to 50 years
    • No personal income taxes
    • Assistance with labour recruitment, and additional support services, such as sponsorship and housing.
    • An independent Free Zone Authority (FZA) governs each free zone, and is the agency responsible for issuing FTZ operating licences and assisting companies with establishing their business in the FTZ.
    • Investors can either register a new company in the form of a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) or simply establish a branch or representative office of their existing or parent company based within the UAE or abroad. An FZE is a limited liability company governed by the rules and regulations of the Free Zone in which it is established. Except for acquiring nationality in the UAE, the provisions of the CCL do not apply to FZEs, provided that the Free Zones have special provisions regulating such companies.
    • However, free zone companies may only operate within the free zone boundaries and are generally limited to performing solely thouse activities listed in their licence.

Our company is run by individuals who have worked with various free zones across UAE and are well aware with the advantages and disadvantages of each and every Free Zone. When we give you an advise, it will backed up with concet analysis keeping in mind your business plan.

We at Eufrasia, will hand hold you through the procedures from the initial conception of your plans to expand your business to the day you start your operations.

Well for consultants in UAE, setting up business or company is profitable, we at eufrasia think different and thats what makes us unique. Our aim is to see your business grow in the best possible way and by using the right strategy. Our only satisfaction comes from your success ” When our clients are successful we are successful”.

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